Top 10 R&B Groups From The ’90s

The '90s was considered to be the "Golden Age" of R&B Music, because so many artists released classic and game-changing music. During this era, where urban music became the world's most successful genre, R&B dominated radio with its fresh contemporary, creative and ingenious sound.

The breakout of R&B can also be attributed to the merging of a fusion of styles such as soul, funk and jazz resulting in new jack swing, neo-soul, hip-hop soul and g-funk.

Also, during this era, a number of R&B groups grabbed listeners' attention because of their trendsetting styles, music and voices. Many groups played a significant role in the '90s, but Singersroom narrowed it down to the Top 10. In our Top 10 list, we included male and female R&B groups based on their record sales, singles, and the amount of exposure in the industry.

Hit next, and let us refresh your memory by spotlighting the top 10 R&B groups of the 1990s.

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