Erykah Badu Pops Up In (Another) News Cast (Video)

Last summer, Erykah Badu popped up in a NYC news report and camera-bombed reporter Mario Diaz.

Well now, Ms. Badu found herself on another news report, this time at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The news report’s focus was on the canceled flights due to the bad weather, leaving passengers stranded. As it turns out, Badu (who’s from Dallas) was one of those passengers on her way to Los Angeles.

Dressed in her signature tall hat, it’s hard to miss her in a crowd! Reporter Steve Pickett interviewed the Grammy-winning artist, and she answered like only Ms. Badu can do: “It’s hard out here for a pimp,” she said.

Along with her humorous news report appearances, last fall, she also appeared on the streets of NYC singing for change.

Check out the footage below: