Not Again! Rich Dollaz Arrested For Owing Back Child Support

Back in October, it was reported that “Love & Hip Hop: NY” cast member Rich Dollaz, a.k.a Richard Trowers was on a burger run when he was arrested because he owed thousands in child support. Well, he’s been arrested again for not paying up still, this time it’s being reported for two child support warrants, one for $188,000 and another for nearly $12,000.

According to TMZ, Trowers was picked up at his NJ home by sheriffs’ officers on Feb 19th, and as of today (Feb 23), he's still behind bars at the Hudson County Jail on $82,000 cash bail. According to his booking information gathered by Bossip, Trowers put down that he’s unemployed.

Chaundrea Nicole, the mother of Trowers’ 14 year old daughter, told Bossip, “My caseworker called me last week and told me they had him. He’s never made one payment. He’s only seen my daughter one time. I do want them to develop a relationship, but it’s not right at all.” She continues, “He’s on the show, he’s got all these different cars, but when my daughter asks for some tennis shoes, he won’t respond.”

I don’t know, Chaundrea Nicole may have a point. On his Instagram, Rich gas no problem flying first class. He captioned the above pic by writing, “Side eye of the day award goes 2 united airlines for this fake ass 1st class – niggas haven't even offered a ninja a drink !!!!!”…Not a good look for his defense!

Dollaz’s court date is sometime in March.