[EXCLUSIVE] Sade Serena Talks New Single “All Natural,” Linking With Def Jam, Her Purpose, More

Miami native Sade Serena has been slowly building her “special fingerprint.” The Jamaican-born R&B singer-songwriter, whom is currently signed to Uprize/ Island Def Jam, creates music to connect with new and future fans who can gain “therapy, love, guidance, and perception” from her experiences.

Sade may be new to the music scene, but her resume is steady. She started singing back up at the House of Blues in Miami and the American Airlines Arena at 17 years old. Her previously released EP, Germination, peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Heatseekers South Atlantic chart and No. 46 on Billboard's Heatseekers Album chart. In addition, her single “Tonight” charted at #4 on Billboard's Hot New Singles chart.

Now, currently working on a new project, led by the Singersroom premiered single, “All Natural,” Sade continues to fight for her goals. Get to know Sade Serena!

Tell us about the creative process for your new single, "All Natural."

The creating process of the record was solely dedicated to capturing unfiltered love. I wanted the content of "All Natural" to express being behind that veil of Love. The cliche is that love is blind, but they never give credit that it is so necessary. We all were created in love, therefore it is the most natural thing to us as spiritual beings.

What inspires your songs? Also, what artists do you draw inspiration from and why?

Everything and anything can inspire my songs. I internalize my feelings more than I should. When I listen to a beat, it invokes a story. Sometimes it happens to be my story. I'm inspired by Michael Jackson. Michael pulls me into the stories. Prime example, "Lady In My Life". The perfect story about vulnerably in love.

How do you conjoin your Miami roots and Jamaican heritage in your music?

Being raised in Miami, I have been exposed to a melting pot of culture. Latin Music has always been a part of the Caribbean for me. So, when I'm creating, I like to hear a strong Bob Marley bass line. I'll even throw in a Spanish or patois lyric where I feel the opportunity. That's when I'm having the most fun with my music. My guilty pleasure is remixing my songs; that's truly when I can conjoin my Miami and Jamaican roots.

What was it like singing at the House of Blues at such a young age? Was it exciting or a crucial time for you?

Singing at the House of Blues was surreal. In my teenage mind, I was so close to my dream I could taste it. It was very exciting to perform sometimes 3 times a day in front of enormous crowds. It was so crucial that I pay attention to the artist I wanted to become, and the industry I wanted to become apart of.

How do you plan to set yourself apart from other emerging R&B artists?

We all have our own special fingerprint. The same applies to my walk in life. I have my own story to tell. My goal is to connect with those who gain Therapy, Love, Guidance, and Perception from my music in some way. What sets me apart is yet to come, because I consist of so much more than R&B. That pulling feeling in my gut is called purpose, and I have something important to say or do.

How is Island Def Jam involved in your career?

My home label Uprize Music has a distribution deal through Island Def Jam Digital, so when my manager told me that we would release the single digitally through Island Def I was elated. It was like things were coming full circle. I am used to seeing that logo on the great works of some of the best talent in the industry, so to know that the Island Def Jam logo would be on my music, marked progress for my career and new beginnings, because of the weight and the respect that they hold. The label actually released a couple of my records, “One Life to Live,” and my hit single “Tonight,” which charted at #4 on Billboard's Hot New Singles chart.

Do you recognize your growth and maturity as an artist from when you first started singing at Miami music venues?

I certainly can identify my growth and maturity. Singing in those Miami venues developed confidence as a musician. Singing in those venues gave me a glimpse into the effect I can have on people in a positive way. I have matured for new lessons to come in my career.

Why does music matter to you?

Music is my life soundtrack. Could you imagine how boring a movie would be with no music? As I stated in my answer earlier, music is therapy for some. Music is Love, It brings different languages together. Music can guide your thoughts and reveal a new perception on circumstances. Music matters to me because in the worst experiences of my life, it has cradled me. So, when I say I internalize my feelings, Music is my only outlet.

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