Nick Gordon Gets Tattoo For Bobbi Kristina

With a pending criminal investigation looming over his head regarding Bobbi Kristina’s near-drowning, boyfriend Nick Gordon publicly displays his concerns after posting a picture of a new tattoo of BK’s name on his left forearm.

Along with posting the photo, Gordon tweeted, “She is a strong person and will pull through this,” his tweet read. “Continue to pray for her.”

Last week Gordon released a statement that he’s concerned about BK’s recovery. He’s been banned by her family member from her hospital room, as they believe, just like law enforcement, he had something to do with her injuries. However, Gordon’a relationship with Bobbi Kris and the Houston’s has been tense for a while now, including them filing a restraining order against him and reports that his relationship with Bobbi Kris was abusive in nature.

In the latest update on BK’s condition, it’s been confirmed that she will NOT be taken off of life support this week.