Ain’t Sayin’ She’s a Gold Digger: Tyrese Puts V-Day Date On IG Blast, Plus, Is He Coming to Your Small Screen?

It seems Tyrese’s Valentine’s Day didn’t go that well…

According to a (now deleted) IG post, Black Ty revealed that his Valentine's Day date may have had some intentions of a monetary sort. According to his IG post, Tyrese’s phone died, so he asked his date to use her phone to look up something online. What he found still in her browser was his page on

With a screenshot of his Celeb Net Worth page, he wrote on IG:

“Ratchet all the way – I was hanging out with this girl and my phone died so I asked her if I could google something on her phone…. Soon as I went to her safari web browser THIS popped up…. This B went online to see what my net worth was…… With in the F’ is going on out here..??????????????????????”

He didn’t explain how he handled the situation, but it’s probable to assume from the caption that he and the young lady won’t have another date.

Excuse me while I play devil’s advocate here, but since he briefly posted the screenshot of his $25 million net worth with the caption, does it not seem like he WANTS people to know????

In other Tyrese news, the singer/actor may be coming to your small screen with Rev Run for a talk show. Rev Run posted a caption on his IG a few weeks ago: "Ok so here’s the scoop .. Theres A new talk show coming! .. But not your average … It’s 1 single man and 1 dedicated married man .. 2 different perspectives … This is going to be very very very very interesting to say the least ..2 perspectives.. –> One single man .. One dedicated married man. One talk show … Should be VERY interesting …"

If you recall, the two dropped knowledge in the New York Times bestseller Manology: Secrets of Your Man's Mind Revealed in January 2014.

If true, would you watch?