I’m Right Here! Erykah Badu Reveals Location During Twitter Spat With Azealia Banks

She tried it!

Social media ranter Azealia Banks tried to bring R&B/Soul veteran Erykah Badu down to her level during a recent back on fourth on Twitter.

The two began exchanging messages after a fan asked Badu, “Does @fatbellybella listen to azealia banks? Always wanted to know,” in which she replied, “Tried.”

Apparently Banks was trolling and spotted the tweet, quickly replying, “@fatbellybella @pradahungry lol, what's the shade?”

She then followed the statement with, “Jealousy,” before going on her rant.

“When artists grow old and begin to recognize their own mortality they throw shade at younger spirits,” says Azealia. “We see it happen ALL the time. Whether or not you like me… You are WATCHING, and that's what's most important.”

Instead of launching her own attack, Badu helped Azealia get her ego fix by agreeing she may be "too old," but she quietly added something else.

In her tweet, Badu also revealed her location, which was purposely done as she confirmed to a noticing follower, “You caught that ..”

Banks, a Harlem, NY native, replied: “lol you just keep rocking ur head wraps and buying ur musky oils off the table on 125th.”

We guess Aealia wanted to keep this on Twitter! And by the way, EB is hood!

Meanwhile, Badu was having fun hanging out with Rihanna!


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