Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris Comments on Mariah Carey’s Vocal Troubles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it should come as no surprise that music icon Mariah Carey has been battling vocal issues for the last year. The latest blunder came last Friday during her performance at the Jazz & Blues Festival in Jamaica, where she had several lip syncing malfunctions. It was so bad that at one point, MC left the stage while the track was still playing.

As previously reported, Carey inked an enormous deal to perform her first Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace, in which she will bank close to half a million per show. With this upcoming residency, some fans say this Diva needs to get it together, because lip syncing will not work for this crowd.

One special fan, Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris, who is currently performing at Las Vegas’ The Mirage with his legendary group, had some stern advice and warning for Carey.

Here is what he had to say via Facebook:

“We as artist should never lose sight or take for granted our gift. The older we get the harder it gets to maintain it, it just doesn't come as easy anymore. But maintaining it can be done. Many artist have done it for years.

Usually the more you work-out the stronger your body gets. The more we read the better we get at reading. Exercising and maintaining the quality of your voice is no different.

We all have (as artist) had bad performances in our careers that's normal, no one is perfect. And some may have even stuck in a backing vocal or two on those bad vocal days. But when performances like this happen on a consistent basis they are no longer considered mistakes or accidents, they are now habits.

We as artist at some point must take the blame when we put ourselves in uncompromising positions such as this. I feel bad for her because I know what she can be, but she has to want to be that again. Being relevant just doesn't do it. I'm sure one of our teachers at some point in our lives told us that if we continue to cheat we would get caught.

I know she is coming to Vegas for a residency soon and I pray all goes well for her. Trust me……Vegas is no cake walk!”

Some may look at this as shade, but it seems like great advice. Thoughts?

Check out these videos of Carey’s latest blunders:

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