RL Talks ‘Wifey’ Term, Celeb Boxing Beatdown, NEXT Break Up with ThisIs50 (Video)

Last October, 90s R&B group Next (comprised of brothers, Terry and Raphael Brown) dropped a newbie called “Leaving With Me.” The new duo left many wondering, where’s lead singer RL?

In this recent interview with ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller, RL talks going solo, and harboring no hard feelings for the other members using the group name without him. “They had ventured off and started doing Next without me, and that was cool, I respect that…I always felt like if it’s not the three of us, then you shouldn’t use the name, but they decided they wanted to. I wish them well, I just wish me better,” he said.

He also talks about the term “wifey” made popular by Next’s single of the same name. “It really means you’re ghetto-married” he explained.

He also explained what went down in during a celebrity boxing match where he had to box verses actor Darrin Henson, who trained with Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson. The outcome was comically bleak, but he took it in stride. “I’ll never get in the ring again unless it to sing The National Anthem,” he said.

Check out the insightful interview below: