Update: Were Drugs Found in Bobbi Kristina’s Home in Second Search? Police Say No

In the wake of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s near drowning this weekend (Sat. Jan 31), speculation instantly went to drugs being the cause, even though police say none were found on the premises at Brown’s home.

Authorities haven't confirmed that they've discovered drugs, but they have reported suspicion of drug-play since they've arrived on scene of the drowning accident. But now, TMZ reports that family members have told them that illegal narcotics were found and seized in a second, more thorough sweep of her home when authorities returned with a search warrant. The first search allegedly was only to scope out anything “out in the open.” However, this is all hearsay…

Brown was found unresponsive face down in the bathtub Saturday morning by her husband Nick Gordon, 25, and their friend Maxwell Byron Lomas, 24. Lomas’ background has been dug up as a potential enabler of Brown’s proposed drug habit. It’s been revealed by Fulton County, Ga., authorities that Lomas was arrested last month (Jan. 2015) for possession of marijuana and the prescription pills Xanax with intent to sell. He also served 17 days in jail in 2011 for possession of pot with intent to sell.

Doctors are saying Bobbi Kristina is still unresponsive, but has shown promising signs of getting better, as her brain swelling has gone down and doctors have seen eye movement. Family remains by her side, including her father Bobby Brown.

Contrary to reports, the Roswell Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Lisa Holland told The Urban Daily the following:

"We have not returned to the house since the incident, and we will not be making any further statements about this rescue call."