D’Angelo Brings ‘Black Messiah’ to SNL, Highlights #BlackLivesMatter (Video)

If the title of his latest surprise album Black Messiah isn’t eye-opening enough, D’Angelo drives his point home with his recent Saturday Night Live performance.

Last night (Jan. 31), D’Angelo and the Vanguard performed two tracks from the set, "The Charade" and "Really Love." During his performances, the singer wore a hoodie in remembrance of Trayvon Martin. His band and background singers sported “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts in support of the Eric Garner. They also threw up their hands in the surrender pose to support Mike Brown, and threw up the black power fist. They stood on the stage which included a body chalk outline to commemorate all the black lives senselessly taken.

Powerful! Watch the clip below: