Ciara Gives ‘I Bet’ An Acoustic Spin (Video)

Ciara’s gives her single “I Bet” an acoustic overhaul. The sassy, emotional ballad seemingly chronicles the 29-year-old’s failed relationship with ex-fiancé rapper Future (who’s allegedly cheated) and when she performs it down live, you can almost see the Cici digging deep into her pain.

"As a songwriter, I always pull from my life experiences as well as the experiences shared by others," the singer told PEOPLE. It is important to me that my music feels real."

“I Bet” is from her forthcoming album, Jackie, named after her mother. "As soon as I had my son, everything changed,” she told the magazine. “I am now experiencing what [my mother] must have when I was young. [Becoming a mom] has inspired my creative process … and given me clarity both with songwriting as well as musicality for the album."

Watch Ciara’s unplugged performance below:

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