Jill Scott Talks Steamy Sex Scene in ‘With This Ring’, Her Six Month Relationships, More

Jill Scott’s upcoming Lifetime original movie, With This Ring, which co-stars Regina Hall and rapper Eve, has taught her a lot as she reflects on her own love life.

"The film is about three women, who are of a certain age. They've accomplished much in life, but they just haven't found the ideal love," the R&B singer tells ABC News Radio.

The romantic comedy was shot over the course of one month in Cleveland, Ohio. During this time, Scott got to really know her castmates and she also used the time to reflect on her own love life.

"The movie made us all think about what we're doing. You know, what are we doing? For the married girls, it made them question and decide for certain that they made the right decision on who they married. They thought about it — not to say they hadn't before — but we talked about that: why they chose to marry these guys," she says. "And for Regina and I, the two single girls, we really thought about what it is that we want."

Scott, who has had her fair share of relationship failures, says she understand why they didn’t work.

"You can hold your stomach in for four hours, but you can't hold it in forever," she explains in a metaphor. "You have to be who you are and you have to genuinely love who you love in order to have a lasting marriage. Getting married is one thing; staying married is something else."

The Grammy winner has no plans on giving up on love though.

"I'm older now so I see a little bit better than I did before. My longest relationships now are about nine months. Actually, now it's grown to six months," she says. "There's no need for me to waste my time or anybody else's. I know by then. If you make it over the six month hump, you have done something. I must really like you."

As far as the upcoming film, expect to see Jilly from Philly in a new light… knockin’ the boots. In the film, she plays single mother Viviane, who wants to wed in one year. The man in question… her baby daddy, Sean, played by Jason George.

"We had that scene the first day we met, so it really wasn't much time to figure it out. You know, I just work with the script," Jill explains about her love-making scene. "My character was in love with this man, and that's all to it! You know, there's nothing for me to figure out. So it's go time. It's time for me to be in love with this man."

With This Ring airs this Saturday, Jan. 24th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. on the Lifetime network.

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