Nivea Readies New Album, Slams Christina Milian For Dating Her Exes

Nivea is looking to return to the spotlight with a new album and possibly a reality show.

“It’s called Nivea Revealed,” she told London’s about the project.

She adds about the set’s make-up, “Nivea Revealed will be my chance to expose or reveal a lot about me that people don’t know, not just me personally, but the story of my journey, what happened, and where I am now.”

The pending project, which she says will be traditional R&B, follows the 2013 single, “Loud Blunt.”

Nivea also touched on Christina Milian’s dealings with her exes. Both women married and have kids with producer-songwriter The-Dream, and now Milian is rumored to be dating Lil Wayne, another one of Nivea’s baby fathers.

“We are mothers of siblings. She married the same dude I did, she has a daughter (Violet) by my ex-husband, who’s now her ex-husband as well…who’s my eldest three siblings other half fricking sibling,” says Nivea. “Now she’s dating my other baby daddy, so go figure.”

Nivea did share some positive light on the situation. “Only thing I care about is that Violet is in my kids’ life, they know their little sister and that’s my main thing.”

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