Kat Dahlia – My Garden

Kat Dahlia releases a visual for the title song off her newly released debut album, My Garden. In the music video, the Miami based singer-songwriter shows off her rose-filled garden, along with its snakes (metaphor), while dressed in an Elvira-styled sexy black dress. The clip also prays on the 24-year-old’s dark lyrics, which touches on women inviting men into their lives for the sake of money.

“I was inspired by the whole idea of this glamorous, over the top, very dramatic woman that lives alone in this house with this garden and she's inviting people in,” Dahlia told Interview of the video’s concept, which is inspired by the film “Great Expectations” (the 1998 version with Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert De Niro). “As glamorous as she is, there's also a darkness, eeriness, and sadness to it. That's where I was inspired originally for the treatment and when I got with [Michael] Garcia, the director, he took it on another level. He found this amazing location in Miami and we started from there. I didn't think too much of it; I didn't really see other people in the video, you know? I saw more of just this story of a woman.”

As far as the snakes in the visual, she adds: “Honestly, snakes can be interpreted in so many ways. I've had some snakes in my garden that I've had to run out of my life, but snakes can also be very strong, a strong image. Snakes in their nature are very independent. They don't have many dependencies on anything, right? They eat like once a week, they aren't very attached to anything worldly, so the dynamic of snakes and then this woman that is attached to all these worldly things, I like those together. It's a really strong, eye-catching image. The video and the song can be very sexual, but these snakes make it a little scary and eerie. It's like you're scared, but turned on at the same time. I like those two emotions together.”

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