Shots Fired: Former Arkansas Governer Says Jay Z is Exploiting Beyonce

2008 Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is throwing shade…not at another politician, but at Jay Z?

Yup, the former Arkansas governor has a new book out called God, Guns, Grits and Gravy in which he calls out Jay Z as a pimp for pimping his wife Beyonce out as a sex object, and get this: he uses their 2014 Grammy Awards performance as an example, comparing it to “foreplay.”

The excerpt reads: "My reaction: Why? Beyonce is incredibly talented — gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer — without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom." He then questions Jay's role in Bey's image, writing, "Jay Z is a very shrewd businessman, but I wonder: Does it occur to him that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife as a sex object?"

Many right wingers in the media always jump on Beyoncé like she’s the only one shaking her derriere on stage (remember Bill O’Reilly’s beef with Bey?) And if I’m not mistaken, Beyonce was been doing that long before she got with Jay Z!

Sound off! Do you agree with Huckabee or nah?

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