R. Kelly on Aaliyah Biopic: ‘You Got To Know Me To Play Me’ (Video)

How did R. Kelly, one of the controversial people portrayed in the Lifetime film “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B,” feel about the production? Well, turns out he didn’t see it! But he has a few choice words for the whole thing…

R. Kelly appeared on V-103’s The Big Tigger Show on his 48th birthday yesterday (Jan. 8), and briefly addressed the film, saying no one is qualified to play him, unless you know him.

“Listen, I didn’t watch that. Once they said they was making a movie and somebody was gon’ be playing me? Can’t nobody play me, homie,” he said. He continued,” You got to know me to play me. You don’t know me, you can’t play me. It’s impossible. So why should I watch something….that’s not real? When I’m real.”

It's possible to successfully play someone without knowing them, but in the case of this film, some character research defintlely should have been done!

Watch below: