Nicki Minaj – Grand Piano

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Nicki Minaj finds herself in relationship turmoil in the visual for her song, "Grand Piano."

In the clip, Minaj deals with a rocky relationship with one man, but finds solace in another (played by Boris Kodjoe) — Kodjoe seems to be imaginative or else Minaj would be contradicting her heartfelt lyrics.

“The people are talking, the people are saying / That you have been playing my heart like a grand piano,” she coos on the singing only record.

Nonetheless, we love the artistic approach for this video — It’s always abounding when you can visualize the creative approach being the penning of a record. Minaj Definitely captured the gritty essence of her lyrics.

“Grand Piano” final track on the standard edition of Minaj’s new album, The Pinkprint, available everywhere.