The Suffers – Make Some Room, Giver

Ten-piece Houston, TX band The Suffers are making a stir with their soulful, throwback flair. The self-proclaimed “Gulf Coast Soul Band’s” sound is driven by the smooth vocals of Kam Franklin and a legion of talented musicians, including a sassy and precise horn and percussion section.

In this clip, the band premiered their newest single “Make Some Room” on Texas Motor Speedway Fast Track to Fame, a showcase highlighting emerging talent for Big D NYE, the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the Central Time Zone (where which they also performed to usher in the New Year). It’s a mid-tempo song with Marvin Gaye flair, only this is blessed with a feminine touch and sassy lyrics.

“Giver” is a slower, more sensual tune, as Kam offers warm powerhouse vocals and each musician gets solo shine…a real treat!

Both “Make Some Room” and “Giver” will be on their EP Make Some Room set for release on January 20. Go to for more info on the band, more music, and to pre-order the EP.