Jeweler Squeezing Rihanna For Public Apology

Take notes folks, not everything you grab and post on your Instagram is legal.

Rihanna is learning this after posting a Photoshop image of herself supporting the U.S. troops on Veterans Day.

Apparently, the image was taken from Coronet Diamonds’ website, which they created for the special day, and we’re guessing Rihanna loved the image so much that she cropped herself into it. She also erased the company’s branding and hashtag from her version.

According to TMZ, Coronet sent Rihanna a cease and desist letter, and will settle if Rihanna apologizes via her social platform.

That may sound easy to some, but Coronet will walk about being the bigger winner – Their brand would be advertised to Rihanna’s 142 followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Genius… We can’t even knock Coronet’s hustle!

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