Jodeci Reunites at 2014 Soul Train Awards, Debuts New Single ‘Nobody Wins’ (Video)

Earlier this year, K-Ci, JoJo, DeVante, and Dalvin (also known as beloved R&B group Jodeci) announced they would be reuniting for new music, and their first public appearance/performance after approximately 16 years? The 2014 Soul Train Awards!

As seen in the airing last night (Nov. 30), the group performed a slew of their classics, such as “Freek’N You”, and “Stay.” They then broke out a new song called “Nobody Wins” featuring ATL rapper B.o.B., then whipped out “Come And Talk To Me” and “Forever My Lady.”

Other than DeVante’s snatched Bantu knot hairdo, social media harped on the fact the group lip-synced the entire performance. But after legal problems and public struggles with substance abuse, it’s difficult to get the four members in the same room much less on stage! We’re just grateful to see them on stage together, sober and healthy!

Watch the reunion below!