Remember When You Broke Your Neck? Jordin Sparks Claps Back At Jason Derulo Via ‘Bye Felicia’ Mixtape!

Updated: Listen to the full song HERE!


Oh boy. Jordin Sparks just came at Jason Derulo's neck. Literally!

Teasing a song from her forthcoming mixtape, "Bye Felicia," Sparks took to Instagram last night and sang the words "remember when you broke your neck and I had to wash your back for you. You probably don't remember all the sh*t I did for you, yeah…"

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Jordin's words come just weeks after their publicized break up, including an interview where Jason discussed her virginity and the way he saw their break up — calling the relationship "unhealthy".

"The last conversation was at dinner. We was sitting at (a restaurant) and we had an argument about a specific something that I don't wanna mention. And that argument just kind of did it for me. After that point I didn't wanna talk to her (anymore)," he told Hot 97. "After that specific argument (I chose to walk away). It's not like it was because of that, but it was just like the last straw… You know something can get so unhealthy and you just, at some point, have to walk away."

As widely reported, Jason Derulo suffered a serious neck injury that could have left him paralyzed in 2012. According to a release, while executing an acrobatic move, Derulo landed directly on his head, and suffered an acute fracture to his vertebra. Jordin Sparks was by his side throughout his recovery.

In other news, Jordin Sparks had a blast at the American Music Awards this weekend. Joining Kandi Burruss, Lance Bass and Frankie Grande, she co-hosted the pre-show red carpet and got to meet up with many acts, including the legendary Diana Ross. See pics by clicking next…

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