Smack It! Beyonce Goes Bonkers in Hilarious ‘7/11’ Video

Ah, the many sides of Beyonce…

One minute she’s glammed up, wearing a sequined gown/jump suit, every wave of her hair in place (#Flawess!) the next she’s barefaced, in her drawls, twerking in her hotel bathroom, a.k.a. the video for “7/11,” and original track from the deluxe edition LP Beyoncé Platinum Edition arriving on November 24.

The clip features Bey goofing off on her hotel room (pile of dirty clothes and all), bathroom, and balcony. In some scenes, her background dancers join in on the choreographed silliness. Even little Blue Ivy makes a quick cameo, if you catch it!

As as one of (if not THE) biggest artist in the world, it’s good to see she doesn't take herself too seriously!

Aaayye, smack it, smack it, smack it!