We’ve All Been One? Tamar Braxton Talks ‘Side Chicks’ on ‘The Real’

Tamar Braxton gave the real on side chicks in the wake of rumors that her hubby, Vince, was allegedly having an affair earlier this week.

Weighing in heavy on the latest episode of "The Real," Tamar said everybody has been a side chick before, but there comes a point where you go from being a naive side chick to being a straight up 'ho' who should know better.

"Y'all have been too ladies. Get your life! I'm just saying you gotta be real with yourself. When you're young you believe whatever they be selling to you… Whether you know it or not, you've played the side chick before," Tamar said. "Now I do have to say there is a difference between a side chick (and I hate this word) and a ho. When you're 31-32, you're supposed to know the real from the fake. That's when you go to the "H" category because you know better and you know that's somebody man!"