Dominique Toney’s ‘We Are’ Warms the Winter Chill and Our Eardrums

Cozy up to the warm fire, because singer-songwriter Dominique will sonically warm your ears with her song “We Are.” It’s a jazzy, smooth treat enhanced by Toney’s hearty vocals.

“We Are” is a track from her latest album A Love Like Ours, and the video portrays the concept the song tells. Toney questions the validity of her relationship as her S/O seems to distance himself away; one day he’s dictating what she should wear while in public with him, the next he’s ignoring her while on the beach with friends.

Toney is the daughter of Kevin Toney, award-winning pianist, recording artist and composer for The Blackbyrds, and her mother Phyllis Toney, was a highly respected costume designer and wardrobe supervisor for rock-n-soul royalty such as Sir Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Sting and Aerosmith.

“Harmonizing is my favorite thing in the world,” she says about her lush sound. “I learned the most from listening to Whitney, Mariah and Chaka. I would add a harmony to songs I listened to on the radio – the bottom, a third or something in the middle. That was part of my training.”

About A Love Like Ours, the classically trained keyboardist, actress, and NYU alumnus says it’s a concept album. “My goal as an artist is to tell stories through melodies and music…and they’re all my stories. I can’t do anything that’s unauthentic to me. That’s what’s so great about finally releasing my first album yet also so awful. The reality of it all is so transparent,” she says.

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