Ouch! Social Media Bashes Aaliyah Biopic

After all the hype, the Lifetime network's "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B" finally debuted last night (Nov. 15) and according to social media, the movie left little to be desired and is facing some harsh criticisms, not just from the average viewers and fans, but famous faces as well. Viewers ripped the film to shreds, and if you were keeping track on anyone of your timelines, the comments of disapproval ranged from light shade to humorous memes.

Earlier this year, the actors who would eventually played Missy Elliott, Timbaland, R. Kelly, etc. were revealed, and from jump, fans voiced their disapproval about the casting choices. And after seeing the movie, it’s evident the actors/actresses chosen were off mark, spurring many humorous memes like these: (Hit next below to view images).

Timbaland, who knew the late singer well, has a few choice words for the film:

A video posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

A video posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

Ooo wee!

Not to mention, the Haughton family were against the movie being made, and they refused to give producers access to Aaliyah’s recordings, but the movie makers DID have access to publishing, so actress Alexandra Shipp had to sing (which to many people, was mediocre at best). The songs chosen for the film were the ones the late singer covered (The Isley Brothers’ “At Your Best (You Are Love)”, Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up,” and “Journey To The Past” from the Anastasia soundtrack). None of her original hits such as “One In a Million” or “Try Again,” and with the lack of music, the film seemed to focus on her desire to enter movies more than her music.

And as the film aired, actress Zendaya Coleman (originally the one cast to play Aaliyah, but dropped out because she didn’t agree with production choices) voiced her opinion in one word: “Karma,” she tweeted. Even VH1, the network some felt was and should have been behind the movie, tweeted their own disdain along with a link to an article on the hits and misses of the film: “The #AaliyahMovie should've never been made –> http://t.co/1d4gfR5IS0 pic.twitter.com/njiS4P5G3S

Ouch! It’s going to be interesting how Wendy Williams will address this in her “Hot Topics” segment tomorrow!

Sound off! Voice your thoughts on the film below:

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