He Really Loved Aaliyah! Wendy Williams Talks R. Kelly and Pedophilia

Wendy Williams is not worried about hearing from R. Kelly after the Lifetime movie airs this Saturday. Why? Because she believes their story, and his real love for Aaliyah, shines through in the "tasteful" made for television movie.

Saying their relationship was not necessarily right, with Aaliyah being 15 years old at the time, Williams told Huff Post Live that Aaliyah knew what she was doing.

"She wasn't just some young dumb girl. And that wasn't just a regular romance. They were really in love. (She was in love with him) and he was in love with her," Williams told Marc Lamont Hill. "And you know what? As seedy as it sounds, in entertainment a lot of times fifteen is based on what you see, like twenty-five. That doesn't give an old man an excuse for falling in love with a fifteen year old girl but Aaliyah was certainly wise beyond her years."

Asked if she expects any push back from R. Kelly, Wendy said "no" and that she understands the family's reservations too.

"We're not showing a plane crash. We're not showing R. Kelly in bed committing pedophilia, but the implications of everything are there within the confines of good taste," Williams said of making sure the movie was tasteful.

"Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B" airs Saturday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.