Usher Leaves Fans Starstruck at Madison Square Garden (Review)

OMG was the perfect phrase to describe last Friday evening (Nov. 7) at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Fans around the tri-state area came in droves to see multi-platinum R&B star, Usher, perform live with special guests DJ Cassidy and August Alsina.

The party kicked off with DJ Cassidy playing those hits to get the crowd fired up. Soon after, hot newcomer August Alsina made his debut on the MSG stage. Fans adored the “No Love” singer, and for August, it was an honor and a privilege to open up for Usher.

Following Alsina's successful performance and a 15 minute intermission, it was time to see the man of the hour, Usher, baby! It was time to enter into HIS HOUSE! The roaring of the crowd was deafening when Usher started his segment with "My Way."

The R&B veteran kept the party jumping, performing a number of classics that reminded fans why they fell in love with him in the first place. The hit bangers were "OMG," "Caught Up," "My Boo," "Love in This Club," "Burn," "You Make Me Wanna," "Nice & Slow," "Little Freak," "You Don't Have to Call," "U Got It Bad," "Caught Up," "My Boo," "Think Of You," "Confessions PT 2," "You Remind Me," "There Goes My Baby," “Nice & Slow," "Climax," his new songs, "She Came To Give It To You," "I Don't Mind ft. Juicy J," and "Twisted ft. Pharrell." He also sang the hooks to the songs he was featured on including, "I Need a Girl Pt. 1," "Lovers & Friends," and "New Flame."

When fans heard these songs, they were standing to their feet because Usher was so energetic. It was like, ‘how can you sit down at an Usher concert?’ especially when he sung those party anthems. His stage- presence was so mind-blowing. He controlled people's attention with his vocals and dance moves. For some fans, looking at Usher's facial features was a special treat because sex appeal is already rooted in his DNA.

Usher Leaves Fans Starstruck at Madison Square Garden

Usher really catered to his fans when five females from the stage shared the limelight with the R&B singer when he sang the song, "Bad Girl." These ladies were ready to dance and prove to him that they were bad on the floor. It was their moment to shine and share an intimate experience with him.

Usher's back-up dancers and singers also didn't shun away from the crowd as they delivered their talent to the audience. He also came out drumming when he performed the seductive single, "Good Kisser." This is truly a single he can add to his collection of hits. The percussion on the track is catchy and the song title speaks for itself.

Usher ended his segment with the Grammy award winning hit, "Yeah," the single that taught us how to do the thunder clap or the A-Town stomp. Usher's concert in the Big Apple was a FIESTA! It was intense, explosive, and dynamic and we shouldn't expect anything less from him. He kept his promise; the sold-out concert was truly a night to remember. Fans will forever cherish this special event. More than likely, this concert will temporarily satisfy fans' hunger as they continue to wait for Usher to release his 8th studio album, UR.

After 20 years in the business, Usher Terry Raymond IV still fully meets the standards of an entertainer. He can sing, dance, and he is drop- dead gorgeous. Ladies of all ages can still drop to their knees, shout for joy, or cry hysterically each time they watch Usher perform live in concert. Men respect and appreciate his swag and charisma. And even though he is a pivotal public figure in music, he still shows his gratitude and appreciation to his family and fans, which exemplifies his humility as a performer and man. This is why he is still our SUPERSTAR!

Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images