Almost Catching Up! Prince Takes First Selfie

Who said you needed a smartphone to take an actual selfie?

Not music icon Prince… why you say? Because the Purple man doesn’t even own a cell phone!

To capture his first ever selfie, Prince uses an old-school camera to bring his moment to life. The pop icon chose this route because he doesn’t like cell phones.

He jokingly states: "We ban their usage anywhere around Us because We're allergic 2 lithium and 'Everybodyelsies.'"

This dislike for cellphones is also evident at shows by Prince and his new band 3RDEYEGIRL. They usually ask fans to put their cell phones away and capture the moment directly.

This also saves Prince the trouble of removing his likeliness online, because we know how he gets with his personal content.

Enjoy Prince’s first selfie, and also check out his latest single “U Know.”


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