August Alsina Addresses Seizures And Nicki Minaj Rumors on Hot 97 (Video)

This year has been a whirlwind for August Alsina; not only did he shoot to stardom seemingly overnight after hitting the pavement for years underground, he released his debut album Testimony which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. He also embarked on his first tour in August. All the promotion and travel took its toll on the singer, who passed out on stage during a New York concert back in September. He reportedly suffered from multiple seizures which left him in a coma for three days.

He’s since been discharged from the hospital and has been back on the road touring with Usher. He stopped by Hot 97 today (Nov. 10) to discuss that what happened during that scary time, what he’s been doping to stay healthy, and the Nicki Minaj dating rumors. Ain’t no stopping Aug!

About what caused his public fainting episode, he says he was simply being a workaholic in an effort to make his first tour as good as possible, neglecting healthy eating habits, not enough sleep, etc. “I overworked myself performing every day. Living a new life, just going too hard, going after what I want. …The tour was doing excellent, and it hurt me that I had to end it because of that situation. After the situation I had to miss out on some more money, but what it taught me, something that I already do know, is that your health is way more important than anything else in this world.”

Before his health issues, rumors swirled that he and Nicki Minaj are dating (especially after their “No Love (Remix)” video!). Nicki then visited August in the hospital, fueling those rumors even more. “She’s one of the sweetest girls I know…It was some heartfelt sh*t for her to actually pull up and be concerned,” he said after silently denying the rumors.

Peep the full 22-minute interview below: