Adrienne Bailon To Chris Brown: ‘Get Your Facts Straight’

Short and sweet. That is how Adrienne Bailon handled Chris Brown's rant about what was said about his relationship, with Karrueche Tran, earlier this week on "The Real."

Taking to Instagram, Bailon ("Nail'd It," Oxygen) addressed what Brown said about her career, making it very clear that she started with the successful "No More" multi-platinum selling group 3LW and went on to "The Cheetah Girls."

"Who said anything bad about her? I actually know her… We're cool. The conversation was generally speaking of anyone who may "possibly" be in a bad relationship," Bailon said in response to Brown's post about her being a "trout mouth" keeping up with the Kardashians.

"Please don't start drama that doesn't exist," Bailon went on to say. "If she's happy… So am I. And I certainly STARTED my career in a multi-platinum singing group. Get your facts straight. You don't need to freeload when you have your own Barbie. God Bless!"

As previously reported, Chris Brown decided to pull down his initial post on Instagram and later posted a reflection, but said it was not an apology.

Hopefully this is the end of this situation. It was amusing, but at the same time not funny, while it lasted.

By the way, you can catch Adrienne Bailon on her Oxygen series, "Nail'd It," airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c.