Rising Songstress Kehlani Holds Her Man Down in Her New Video ‘FWU’

If Chris Brown thinks "these b*tches ain't loyal," Kehlani shows those unreliable types or women how to be devoted…

The nineteen-year-old Bay Area soul songstress sings of undying loyalty on the ride out-worthy track "FWU" from her recent mixtape Cloud 19. Produced by Swagg R’ celicous, this is another one which shows how she’s down for her man.

“He loves me cuz I’m loyal, loyal / Put none above me cuz I’m loyal, loyal / He f*ckin with me cuz I’m loyal, loyal / Yeah, he with me cuz I’m loyal,” she boasts about her ride-or-die relationship as she busts a move backed by her girls for her beau.

Kehlani’s stepping out on the solo tip (as she was the former lead singer of the band Poplyfe) and working on a full project reportedly titled Little Person, Big Soul.