About That Cherry? Rihanna and Beyonce Collaborate On New Song, Plus Rihanna Goes ‘Ninja Turtle’ For Halloween

Does Beyonce have a major collaboration under her sleeve for this month? If a Parkwood Entertainment memo confirming the release of a second part to "Beyonce," her self titled album, is true, Rihanna and Bey are about to blow us away.

According to the memo, Rihanna has joined Beyonce on a song called "Cherry."

Following songs like "Blow," "Partition" and "Pour It Up," this collaboration should be very interesting to hear if it's true.

In related news, Rihanna is back on Instagram just weeks after it was reported that her new single would be released this month. Not wasting any time, Rihanna posted pictures celebrating Halloween, dressed with her girls as Ninja Turtles.

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