When Hunger Gets Real: Rich Dollaz Arrested During Burger Run for Child Support

Daaang, homie! We’ve all had those late night fast food runs, but a recent grub expedition for "Love and Hip Hop" star Rich Dollaz put him behind bars!

According to TMZ, on Sunday night, Rich and his crew double parked outside of the Edgewater, New Jersey police department while they went to a nearby Five Guys Burger restaurant. That turned out not to be the smartest move, because the cops ran his plates, and dug up an arrest warrant for Rich: the reality star/music manager owes $11,000 in child support. When Rich returned back to his car, food in hand, the 43-year-old was then arrested and taken to Hudson County Jail, where he remains in custody.

According to The YBF, this child support case is NOT for the case which gained media attention earlier this year with a woman named Chaundrea Nicole, with whom he shares a 13-year old daughter.

Could all this drama unfold on the upcoming new season of "Love and Hip Hop: New York"?