Villz – Appreciation

Miami-bred artist Villz drops off a heartfelt video (via Afropunk) called “Appreciation,” a refreshing song which finds him appreciating women, and the unconventional beauty we possess in our differences.

About the song, Villz tells Afropunk, "Beautiful women of the past, present and future. I feel as if women are being perceived negatively in modern media when there's a different way to express beauty rather than titties and ass. Also it stands as a cultural message of expectance. Beauty by our standards."

About the video, he continues, “The inspiration sprouted from me just loving where I'm from and being comfortable with who I am and the things that made me. That is why we shot it in Little Haiti, Miami, where I grew up. In the video you get a glimpse of who I am internally. I grew up in the apartment complex in the video."

As a woman, I think I speak for many of us when I say we “appreciate” this, Villz!

Like what you hear? Download above!