Ryan Leslie Brags About Collab Session With Jay Z, Beyonce and Pharrell

Ryan Leslie has spent a lot of time oversees since the release of his sophomore album, Transition. Now-a-days, he's been mostly releasing a majority of rap records, but the hit producer, songwriter, and artist recently had his talents put to the test during an impromptu session with music's biggest, Beyoncé and Jay Z. While at the power couple's show in Paris, Leslie, who is independent, recorded a collaboration that the world may or may not ever get to hear. In addition, the Harvard Graduate, was able to show the very wealthy stars his music promotion and fan building platform.

In a recent interview, when asked about doing things not even a signed artist can do, Leslie replied:

I was in Paris; I spent a couple of hours backstage, then I went to dinner. It was me, Pharrell, Jay, Beyoncé, and I had a chance to show Jay Z my platform. Jay Z sold a whole lot of records, he can do a lot of things that artists can't do, but one thing that Jay Z cannot do that I could do is he can't press a button and actually personally email every single person that supported his last record.

As far as his collaboration with the power couple, Leslie adds:

What’s crazy about it is they don't allow the cameras to be backstage, but we’re back there listening to beats, and then Jay is coming up with a concept, and then he points at Pharrell saying, 'yo, you should record this'. He's recording it on his iPhone, and then Beyoncé hears a melody, then he hears a melody, then he looks at me, ‘I know you got a melody’, and so, there's a voice recording that exists right now on Pharrell's phone, which is me, Beyoncé, Jay Z and Pharrell, so trust me, the collaborations could happen at any time.

Watch the full interview below:

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