Jason Derulo Inspired By Jordin Sparks Break Up, Readies New Album

Jason Derulo won't be taking a break because he feels inspired to push forward with a follow up to "Talk Dirty," his latest effort.

"I don't really need one. Right now I'm so next-level motivated I don't see a vacation," Derulo shared in the latest issue of Billboard magazine. "I've just kinda been focused on what's happening in my career and in my family. Through that, everything has been all right. I've just been focused. I have this new motivation. I think sometimes in life things are placed in our lives as a lesson, so you've got to take every negative experience and turn that thing into a positive."

To that end, the "Talk Dirty," "Wiggle" and "Trumpets" singer, who has had a whirlwind year on the charts, says his break up and everything else is fair game for the new album.

"I'm somebody who cannot keep those two things separate. Like, I have to put it on paper, put it on wax, put it in my songs. I cannot separate the two. My creativity, my personality won't allow me to separate the two. If that's what's going on in my life, that's in the songs I make as well. It's definitely a piece of that," Derulo told Billboard.

It's unclear how far Derulo will go with the next album, but he feels better about the position of his career following the meteoric success of "Talk Dirty."

"America just took a total turn (this time)…. It was kind of weird. It's not like I didn't have big songs; like, out of the gate, my first two singles were No. 1 songs. It was just the connecting factor, connecting the songs to the actual artist," he shared when asked about the success of "Talk Dirty" and the U.S. audience catching up in comparison to Europe. "That wasn't happening for some reason, whereas now it's happening. It's like this cultural swirl is starting to take place."