Bring The Nudity, Drama, and Fun! K. Michelle Reveals ‘My Life’ Trailer (Video)

K. Michelle is a solo superstar and she's going to hit social media trends like never before!

From nude photo shoots to major hostility to fun quality time with her family, the singer-songwriter-actress displays it all in her upcoming reality show 'My Life'. You won’t even believe the rawness that’s about to take over your television. Rumor has it, she even gives somebody the boot!

When talking about the show, she says:

I feel really excited; everything is falling in place for me over the past year, and I’m excited! A brand new album, and the TV show airs November 3rd; I’m just really working every day."

Be sure to catch "K. Michelle: My Life" premiering November 3rd at 9 p.m. on VH1.

Check out the preview of all the extremity below: