Katlynn Simone – Dancing With My Girls, Dishes on Upcoming EP, Final Season of ‘The Game’

Have you ever been at the club, minding your business and dancing with your besties when all of a sudden you’re approached by one or more guys? They begin their pick-up lines and flirty spiels, which sometimes work, but other times don’t, in which case you find yourself saying “boy, bye!”

Katlynn Simone just wants a holla-free night on the song and video for “Dancing With My Girls,” a fun, catchy ladies anthem. “Boy bye, boy bye, you ain’t even fly,” she sings on the hook.

“I know we girls love attention and flattery from guys, but sometimes we just want to chill and have fun with our friends. We can let our hair down and be ourselves around our girlfriends, ya know? The song and the video are just like, ‘It’s not that kinda party tonight. Tonight it’s just about me and my girls’!” she exclusively told us.

When it comes to having actually reacting to a situation like that, Katlynn says she’s more tactful when turning down a man’s advances: “I may be thinking it, but I have never reacted to anyone like that. There definitely has been a time or two when I wanted to react that way and I guess that is why I love the song much! I finally just get to say it, "Boy Bye"!

“Dancing With My Girls” stems from her upcoming EP to be released early 2015. About the project, Katlynn says it’s a cohesive body of work thanks to the writers she’s working with. “I feel that I am putting together a good body of work that everyone is going to enjoy. I have been able to cover subjects from love and happiness, to breakups and drama. Everything from feeling bad for no good reason to thinking ‘I'm on top of the world!’ It's all over the place and it’s honest! I'm very excited about the EP!"

Simone gained notoriety with her buzz single "Beautiful Lie" featured on BET's "The Game," where you can catch Katlynn once more as her character "Brittany" on the upcoming ninth and final season. She dished on what you may see: “I feel the audience will get a more mature Brittany Pitts. I think we will see her continue to grow closer to her mom. Knowing that her parents could actually get back together since the end of last season is a big deal. Of course we will see her continue to juggle the dynamics of Chardonnay and Kelly, which is always fun!”