Chris Brown: Ebola Is For Population Control

Chris Brown says the Ebola epidemic is "getting crazy."

"I don't know… But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Sh*t is getting crazy bruh," Brown wrote via Twitter Monday.

Brown's tweet came just hours after it was widely reported that a woman contracted Ebola in Dallas, Texas.

While Chris Brown is entitled to his opinion, it did not go over well with many who slammed the award-winning artist and actor for his insensitive response to the news.

Taking that feedback, Chris Brown said "Let me shut my black a** up!"

He later added "I say what I want. If u don't like it…. "SUCK MY A**" ( little Asian girl voice)" with a vine video (nsfw).

In other news, Chris Brown is the leading nominee at the Soul Train Awards. He leads the pack with seven nominations. It is unclear if he will attend the awards where Wendy Williams has been tapped to host.