Keyshia Cole On Custody and Divorce: ‘We’re Gonna Spend Time Together’

Keyshia Cole is working through her split with husband, Daniel Gibson, day by day.

"I'm taking it a day at a time. It's extremely hard — especially having a child with someone you can no longer be with. That's the only thing that's really heartbreaking about it all. Because you know he's used to us being together," Cole told Queen Latifah when asked how she's doing. "So that's kind of heartbreaking to know that he's gotta switch it up with mommy and then go to daddy… back and forth."

Considering what is best for her child, beyond filming a new reality series with her family, including her mother, Cole went on to tell Latifah that she and Daniel have decided to spend more time together.

"So we came to a conclusion that we're gonna start spending time together, even though we're not together, with him. Maybe take him to the park. Take him to the park together. Things like that," said Cole.