Wendy Williams and Company in Legal Hot Seat, Former Interns Sue

Wendy may seem happy when in front of the cameras, but behind the scenes, she has some issues. It looks as though Wendy Williams and "The Wendy Williams Show" is in direct violation of some employee rights and are facing a number of different lawsuits, again! This is nothing new though. Apparently, the talk show has been cheating a lot of their interns out of their due rewards.

Wendy and her production team do not have a good track record as it pertains to governing their workers. More than 100 of their former interns from the nightly broadcast have filed complaints, some up to more than 12 pages within itself.

One highly upset intern, Anthony Tart, says he filed his report against “The Wendy Williams Show,” Lionsgate, and Debmar-Mercury. He mentions that he received no "educational or vocational training" while completing the tasks of a full-time employee with no pay. Anthony is currently looking for an undisclosed lump sum, to be dictated by a judge at the time of the next trial, for the work he did in the summer of 2012.

Court documents state:

“Tart was hired by Defendants in or about August 2012 and performed various tasks including, but not limited to, washing dishes, getting coffee, picking up art supplies, stocking printers, throwing out garbage, and creating a tape library.”

I hope these interns get what they’re looking for. People always try to abuse interns and their work ethic. This is not the way to conduct business! Reps for the show have opted not to comment on the legal matter at this time, of course, but as I mentioned before, Wendy’s no stranger to being sued by her former employees.