Jordin Sparks On Coping With Break Up: ‘Things Happen, You Grow From It’

Jordin Sparks is coping well when it comes to her break up with long-time boyfriend Jason Derulo.

While promoting her upcoming feature "Left Behind," which opens in theaters Friday, Sparks told ABC News that she's getting through the break up with the help of family, faith and fans.

"I'm actually doing great considering all the craziness. So it's been good. … All I can do is smile, you know? It's life. Things happen and, you know, you move on and you get better and you grow from it," Sparks shared.

Contrary to Jason Derulo speaking about the break up and how he felt about the relationship, including that they were arguing a lot, Sparks prefers not to go into detail.

"You know, when you answer things that haven't even been said yet, it kind of … makes people go, 'Well, wait a minute, I didn't even think about that,'" said Sparks. "So, for me I'm just like … you know, there's not really anything for me to say."

As for her family, Sparks says they have been very supportive and have been checking up on her.

"Right now, actually, I'm definitely leaning a lot on my family. They have been so instrumental in all the craziness in my career thus far. So whenever something goes crazy or something unexpected happens, I'm like, 'Hey, mom, can you come out to California?' she added. "My brother has been checking up on me every day, multiple times a day. He's so sweet. And I definitely rely on my faith. You know, I have the hope that there is a plan for my life and that there are better and more amazing things happening and that I'm just gonna come out of this stronger."