Ariana Grande Will Be Selling WAT-AAH

Pop/R&B superstar Ariana Grande has signed on to endorse WAT-AAH, a company founded in 2008, who targets its product, bottled water, to kids and teens.

Grande says the partnership with the "small but growing functional water brand," is about creating awareness for her fans to live a “healthy lifestyle.”

"I LOVE WAT-AAH! because living a healthy lifestyle is so important to me and I want to inspire my fans to do the same. Now as a partner in the company, I am excited to share WAT-AAH! with you all," states Ariana.

Company founder Rose Cameron thinks the Coke and Pepsi mentality of using famous faces like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé could easily be translated to bottled water. She also hopes the partnership with Grande will attract younger consumers and make drinking water cool for kids and teens.

WAT-AAH comes in a colorful packaging with a kid friendly cartoon logo.

Grande’s WAT-AAH promotional spots will kick off in 2015.

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