Jason Derulo: Jordin Sparks Relationship Was ‘Unhealthy,’ Denies Publicity Stunt

There was a lot of arguing and it was unhealthy. That is what Jason Derulo says of his break up with Jordin Sparks.

Appearing on Hot 97 with Rosenberg, Derulo also denied allegations that he was cheating, discussed virginity, and that this entire thing (the break up) is a publicity stunt.

"It was a situation where there was a lot of arguing going on and different pressures of marriage, not just from her perspective, but just like the world in general," he told Hot 97. "I wrote the song (Marry Me) because of the pressure. I wanted to say that we got time. There's no rush. When the time is right I will say will you marry me."

"I still love her," he added. "It's not too far (gone for reconciliation). I haven't talked to her. (The last time I spoke to her) was like two weeks. The last conversation was at dinner. We was sitting at (a restaurant) and we had an argument about a specific something that I don't wanna mention. And that argument just kind of did it for me. After that point I didn't wanna talk to her (anymore). After that specific argument (I chose to walk away). It's not like it was because of that, but it was just like the last straw… You know something can get so unhealthy and you just, at some point, have to walk away."

Going on to deny rumors about cheating, Derulo answered questions about wanting to stir the pot and create attention for the both of them. He also answered a question about Jordin Sparks' virginity and purity ring.

"Was she a virgin when you started dating her?" Rosenberg asked.

"Uh yeah… she was," Jason Derulo responded.

Watch and listen to the full interview below.