K. Michelle Taking a Break From Social Media After ‘Heavy’ Week; Attack on Son’s Friend

K. Michelle can take it as much as she gives it, but when it comes to her son, there is no room for disrespect.

The singer-songwriter and reality TV star took a personal hit this past week after "evil spewers" took to her Instagram page to make fun of her son's friend, who she says has Down Syndrome. The hateful words came after K posted this photo of her son and his friends.

A hurt K. Michelle delivered the below messages to fans, making her feelings clear and insisting she will be taking a break from social media.


She also writes:

I'm so not perfect this I know. Sometimes I just need to shut up and pick my battles better, but one thing I'm not is evil spirited. This week I really opened my eyes. I saw people justifying violence against me, believing the half truths of gossip blogs, a person Dm'ing me cause they were contemplating suicide, and now this. People are really hurting all over the world! Social media was made for fun, but it has become so heavy. A source for bullying and hurting those who u secretly desire to be. I'm not mad at any of you hurt souls though. Who I am to judge? I've just decided to hand over this negative source in my life. I'm happy now. And some battles aren't worth me fighting anymore. Throw all the darts you want at me, have fun over here in negative land. But know lying on me, and insulting me, won't heal you. Trust me, I used to be just like u! Rebels I love you!!!!!!! Can't wait for u to hear this Album! See you on the road. Not bye forever, just taking a little break to smile :-) I'll be back

Hold your head K!

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