Brandy Dishes on New Music and New Sound: “I’m Really Open to a New Direction” (Video)

Since her 2012 album Two Eleven, Brandy has been focusing more on her TV presence than music. However, her cover of Coldplay’s “Magic” and her duet with Chris Brown on “Do Better,” from his latest album X, left fans salivating for new tunes from B-Rocka.

The singer has been talking about new music for a while now, and she dishes a little with That Grape Juice about the new tunes, saying she’s experimenting with new sounds.

“It’s interesting cause I’m really open to a new direction…. I’m really challenging myself to not put myself in a box, and try new things and see what happens,” she reveals. She continues, explaining her new sound stems from being in a different place. “The record is gonna be different because I’m in a different place…a different mental space, and I want to sing through that space,” she says.

As previously reported, Brandy and ex-fiancé Ryan Press ended their engagement earlier this year. So for this new album, fans may get to really delve into the heart and soul of the singer, who rarely lets her personal life spill into the public arena.

She also reveals the production is about to begin on the next season of “The Game.”

Peep her sit down with That Grape Juice below: