Nivea Speaks Out On Christina Milian Dating Her Ex, Lil Wayne: ‘I Was Like, What The Hell?’

If you’re a bit confused by the The Dream/Christina Milian/Nivea/Lil Wayne triangle (or is it a square?), apparently, Nivea is just as confused as you are.

If you didn’t know, here’s a quick review to catch you up: Nivea was engaged to Lil Wayne in 2002, but called it off in 2003. She then married The Dream in 2004, and that union produced three children, but the couple divorced in 2008. Christina Milian married the Dream in 2009, and the couple had a daughter. Meanwhile, Nivea reconciled with Wayne in 2007 and they had their son, but have since split. Now, since Milian signed to Young Money back in 2012, she and Wayne have been spotted multiple times as an item. Overall, it seems like Christina swoops up Nivea’s exs.

Since then, Nivea has taken to Twitter to asking why anyone would “confuse the sh*t out of your kids,” implying the tangled family web that seems to be weaving, especially if Christina has a child with Wayne.

Well, the R&B singer sat down with Malcolm Music to talk about it all. In the teaser clip, Nivea claims she is slightly weirded out by the whole thing. “I was like, ‘What the hell?!’ It felt crazy as hell! I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?!’ But I haven’t addressed her about it. I don’t really care to. I just thought it was very, very crazy,” she says about Milian dating Wayne.

Catch the teaser clip below: