Daniel Gibson on Keyshia Cole Break Up: The Bad Is Glorified

Is media to blame for divorce? Daniel Gibson, Keyshia Cole's estranged husband, believes media, including social media, played in a role in the ultimate demise of their marriage.

"In the media, it’s more publicized and glorified, the bad things that happen within a relationship. If something bad happens in anybody’s relationship and you’re in front of the public eye, it’s going to get blew way out of proportion…. your problem can start to go too far, and you can’t catch it ’cause you’re going to start hearing what everybody else say gotta say because now everybody’s so accessible due to social media," Gibson told VLAD TV in a recent interview.

Not wanting to file for divorce, because he doesn't "believe in it," Gibson says he has been willing to work through their issues.

"I would have been willing to work through whatever the problem was because I always felt like that’s how it’s supposed to go. If she filed the papers, I wasn’t going to be like, ‘No, don’t do it; let’s stay together,’ but I wasn’t going to be the one who initiated it," said Gibson.