ConFunkShun – Your Night

Soul/funk band ConFunkShun is back!

The self-contained R&B group (whose smash hits include “Fun,” “Chase Me,” “Electric Lady,” "Love's Train," and “Baby I’m Hooked”) has sustained through a break up in 1987, only to continue their run when they re-united with lead vocalists/songwriters Michael Cooper and Felton Pilate after more than two decades apart, touring the nation. Now the beloved band is releasing their Shanachie Entertainment debut LP More Than Love due out in early 2015! It’ll be the band’s first new studio album more than two decades. This is their first single called “Your Night,” a contemporary jam proving they haven’t skipped a beat!

“This album was clearly a must do for me,” Michael Cooper states. “The main reason is simply because we can, we are able and we should. Too often people are falling much too early. We have been blessed to still be playing and loving the music, and to still have fans who are still buying and following our music. We simply had to do it.” Randall Grass, General Manager of Shanachie Entertainment, adds, “They are equally strong on ballads and up-tempo material and their new music delivers the ConFunkShun sound but without sounding retro. A lot of people are going to be surprised.”

On More Than Love, ConFunkShun enlisted the producer instrumental in orchestrating the resurrection of Charlie Wilson, Marlon McClain. Like Wilson, ConFunkShun should be able to successfully re-emerge to breath a second wind into their careers.

Make it "Your Night" with ConFunkShun and purchase above!